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The Threat of Michael the Brave in the Danube Mansions (1598): A New Assessment in the Light of Ottoman-Romanian Sources
When Ottomans embark on a war with Habsburgs as know “Long War” in 1593, Wallachia-Moldavia-Transilyvanian voivods agreed among themselves and rebelled against Ottoman Empire. These rebellions where started in capitals of Wallachia-Moldavia, Bucharest and Iaşi, targetted the Danubian parts where were many Muslim Turks lived. Thanks to measures taking by the Ottoman administrators in a short time, the Danube region was saved from a big massacre and Mihail Voivod removed from Danube Line by the reinforced armies sent from Istanbul. However Mihail Voivod by taking advantage of the Ottoman expeditions in Transilyvania raided Danube sides again and encouraged the non-Muslim population to revolt against Ottomans. In face of these situations, an army was sent from Istanbul to the Danube Line under the command of Mahmud Pasha. During this time Mihail Voivod damaged some strategic laces on the Danube Line and he retreated to Wallachia with his forces. This situations which we evaluated according to native and foreign sources, focused on Mihail’s main golas on Dunabe. The main purpose of our study is to reveal many issues which also overlooked by the Romanian historians, based on many firmans in the Ottoman Archives of the Important Registers 934th number.

Romania, Danube, Wallachia, Mihail, Voivod

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