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Place and Importance of the 1961 Contitution in the History of Turkish Constitution
Turkey has been governed legally by constitutions since 1876. Five different constitutions have been used in the history of Turkish law. These are the constitutions of 1876, 1921, 1924, 1961 and 1982, respectively. These Constitutions, which are very important for turkey's history of democracy, are also very important in terms of modernization. In this context, turkey's fourth Constitution, the 1961 Constitution, was prepared in more detail than the 1876, 1921 and 1924 Constitutions in many respects, especially rights and freedoms. In addition, unlike his predecessor, the 1961 Constitution was prepared as a result of the Military Coup of May 27, 1960. This, gave a different quality to the aforementioned Constitution. The main purpose of this essay is to reveal why a new Constitution was needed in 1961, what differences this Constitution had from others and what kind of innovations it brought. This study was prepared by benefiting from archive documents, national newspapers and copyrights. Finally, this article is a qualitative study; It was prepared using the document analysis technique.

Constitution, 1961 Constitution, Legislation, Executive, Judiciary

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