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New and Common Usage of the Parenthesis, Slash and Apostrophe
Some punctuation marks have been used since the first written texts of Turkish. In the western sense, punctuation marks have taken their place in Turkish with Şinasi. There have been some changes in the names and usage places of punctuation marks in the process. In fact, new places of use have been added to the punctuation marks. The increase in the use of social media and the desire to attract attention in written expression have revealed new uses and applications in spelling and punctuation. One of these applications is the punctuation marks used to denote the other word in a word, which can be called "bronze word / intertwined word" due to its resemblance to bronze rhyme. “Y’aramızda kalsın.” As in the sentence, slashes and arc brackets can be used next to the apostrophe after the letter "y" to emphasize their use in our wound and between us. This new form of usage is considered as a contribution to the richness of expression in Turkish. The change and development of punctuation marks in Turkish are mentioned in the first part of the study. In the second part of the study, there are examples of new use with source search method in different fields, and evaluations and suggestions in the conclusion part.

punctuation marks, parentheses, slash, apostrophe.

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