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What is A Dictionary?
Since ancient times, word lists, glossaries and dictionaries started to be created for many reasons such as the efforts of different nations to communicate with each other, the shopping environment, their desire to register some things, the desire to learn a new language, to learn religion and to understand religious resources. Day by day, dictionaries have diversified, different genres have emerged, a branch of science has been established under the name of lexicography, and the progress in this field in terms of theory and practice has increased and increased day by day. Many definitions and opinions have been put forward about the dictionary, which is the basis of this science. While defining a dictionary word, how an ideal dictionary should be was reflected in detailed definitions from time to time. At this stage, the definitions contain neither missing nor too much information, conform to the old word “efradını cami, ağyarını mâni”, conveying information that reflects all types of dictionaries and general characteristics; Updating is expected by following the latest developments, progress and changes. In the article, examples of the use of the word dictionary in different languages in the world and in today's Turkish languages are given, which words have been used in the Turkish language in terms of dictionary throughout history and the meanings of the words are mentioned, taking into account the developments in our age, the word dictionary is discussed. The intersecting and diverging aspects of these definitions have been revealed and evaluated.

dictionary, dictionary types, definition.

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