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Historical Public Buildings in the City Center of Inebolu (1850-1920)
Inebolu district of Kastamonu province is a strategically important port city on the Black Sea coast. The commercial activities in İnebolu Port, which developed in parallel with the changes and transformations in the administrative structure of the Ottoman Empire in the XIX. century, led to the birth of many public institutions and organizations. In this study, the factors affecting the formation of public buildings built between the years 1850-1920 in Inebolu district center, their architectural features, the repairs they have undergone until today, and their contemporary and functional features are compared with similar buildings. Archive documents, historical public buildings, which are analyzed with the support of drawings and photographs, are discussed in two groups as those that can survive and those that could not. Those who can reach today; military branch, bank and port presidency building. Those who could not reach today; two gendarmerie station buildings, hospital, government house, prison, customs office building and telegraph and post office. In the shaping of public buildings in İnebolu, which was designed as a grid plan after the great fires after 1850; period styles, local materials and styles, and new zoning laws have been effective.

Ottoman, İnebolu, Port Cities, Public Architecture.

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