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Civil Society in the Disaster Management: An Investigation on the Response and Recovery Phases After İzmir Earthquake
This study addresses civil solidarity practices within the process of disaster management, which is among one of the discussion points of the literature of the sociology of disaster, in specific to İzmir Earthquake. The disaster management that occurred in Izmir after the 6.9 magnitude earthquake with the deficits of Seferihisar on October 30, 2020, revealed the reaction of the civilian will to the destructive effects of the earthquake in addition to the measures taken by the relevant state institutions and the units affiliated to these institutions, and the intervention and recovery practices implemented by these institutions. Following the reflection of the earthquake on national agencies, traditional and social media, the aid provided by NGOs to the damaged areas, especially in Bornova and Bayraklı districts, arrival of many volunteer search and rescue teams in the region in a short time, as well as declaring that businesses, without being dependent on any NGO or a civil platform, such as hotels and hostels will provide free accommodation to those whose houses were damaged in the earthquake and sharing these through social media profiles, delivering of various aids (food supplies, shelter tools such as tents and blankets, etc.) to the damaged areas individually or in groups by local people and to declare that they will offer accommodation in their homes to those who were damaged in the earthquake by sharing their contact information through social media accounts of those living in Izmir are unique "civil" data regarding the aforementioned disaster. These data appear as the civilian practices of response and recovery processes in the disaster management literature. In this study, the response and recovery phases in specific to the Izmir Earthquake have been examined in the light of the theoretical background and some cases experienced, which are found throughout document reviews.

Disaster, Disaster Management, İzmir Earthquake, Civil Society.

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