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Review of Certificate Programs for Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language by Organizers’ Views
This study, which aims to examine various aspects of teaching Turkish to foreigners (TTF) certificate programs based on the views of the organizer, is a qualitative patterned case study. Study group of the research is consist of 18 organizers who are randomly determined and attendent in the language teaching center of the universities that have organized at least one certificate program in the field of TTF since its opening. In the research a 11 items semi-structured interview form which has been developed by the researcher was used as data collection tool in the research. The interview form was sent to the organizers electronically and the answers were recorded. Descriptive statistical techniques were used to analyze the data.At the end of the research, various suggestions have been presented to improve certification programs in the field of TTF with the help of gained knowledge.

Teaching Turkish to Foreigners, Certificate Programs, Training Teacher

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