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Some Translation Strategies For Conveying Complex Sentence Structures With Prepositions from Russian into Turkish
This study examines the complex sentences which are formed using the connective word "который", which conveys different semantic relationships, especially when using various prepositions in the sentence. The difficulties in translating these types of sentences from Russian into Turkish are also analyzed using the examples. Since the usage of the sentences considered in this work, unlike in the spoken language, is mainly associated with the written form of the language and requires its normative usage, as well as the analyzed sentence examples, have some business and newspaper journalistic style, we briefly touched upon the features of these language styles. Since, with the help of the connective word, the subordinate part of these sentences contains the information about the main sentence, and thus contributes to the integrity of the expressions, in Russian linguistics these sentences are traditionally called linking sentences. On the other hand, in many studies of the syntax of the Russian language, these sentences are called differently. The fact that one of the main elements of the main sentence performs a different function in the subordinate clause, as well as the fact that the continuation of the sentence becomes more difficult, taking into account the connecting word and the meanings of various prepositions, all these processes make it difficult to translate from the source language into the target language. The purpose of this study is to analyze the difficulties of translating complex sentences, composed with the help of the connective word with a preposition into Turkish, to identify the differences in the construction of the sentences between two languages and to present possible methods of translation of these sentences. At the same time, an attempt is made to identify problems, which should be paid attention to by learners of Russian as a foreign language, if they encounter similar sentence structures in the translation process and to put forward the translation strategies that can be applied.

Syntax, Complex Sentence, Connective Word, Translation Strategies, Russian-Turkish

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