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The Question Postponed by the Russian Realpolitics: Crimea
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a series of new new disputes with former members of the union have come into being. Because of the instability and weakness of the Russian Federation, settlements of disagreements have been postponed. The Russian solutions to existing disagreements with regional countries are interrelated. The attachment of formerly Turkish populated Crimea to Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic had not meant a lost for Soviet Union as a result of the conditions of the era of the Cold War. At the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet Union, however, the Russian attempts to change the status quo of Crimea in favor of Russia have been successful to extend. Because, the collapse of the Union to keep status quo has been a confident shelter for all republics, and also the region has become a part of Ukraine. However, if Russia will have been successful on the Chechen intervention and the settlement of existing domestic problems, without using force, as in agreement with the OSCE, it will be possible to attempt to regain Crimea. The importance of the region for Russia and Russian majority population of Crimea will make it easy for such Russian initiatives.<

Crimea, Ukraine, Russian Federation.

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