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The Development of the Constabulary in the Sivas Province (1893-1908)
In Ottoman State, Constabulary was founded to provide public order and internal security along with the Tanzimat Reform Era in 1845. In 1846, the directorate (Zabtiye Müşirliği) was established. The police organization was attached to the directorate in 1850. In 1879, this directorate was transformed into a ministry, and then this ministry dealt with the security affairs primarily in Istanbul and also in other provinces until 1909. Constabulary organizations were started to be founded in Ottoman countryside after Istanbul. Within this study, the chronological development of Sivas Constabulary, the factors effecting its development, and what the effects of Vilayât-i Sitte improvement are on the development of Sivas Constabulary between the years 1893-1908 were tried to reveal. In our study, the information not only about Constabulary in Sivas province centrum but also about the constabulary organizations in districts and sub-districts of the province took place. Within this context, the developmental process of constabulary in today’s Amasya and Tokat provinces also took place in our study. In this study, related documents from The Chairmanship of State Archives Ottoman Archive, Ottoman State Annuals, and Sivas Province Annuals were utilized together with the other compilations about the subject.

Armenian, Sivas Constabulary, Amasya Constabulary, Tokat Constabulary, Town Police Officer

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