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Cultural Origins of Some Beekeeping Terms
Turks are a society that has been living in nature for many years. Therefore, it is an inevitable result that they get to know and observe the beings that are in their living spaces and with whom they are in contact. Animals are at the forefront of these assets. Turks have domesticated many animals according to the geography they have been in and benefited from their various products throughout their lives. While doing this, it is a known situation that animals are given Turkish names. It is particularly interesting that the terminology related to beekeeping is similar to the old Turkish culture. The most interesting of these names is that the bee, known as the queen bee in the written language, is called the `` bey '' in the mouths, although it is the female being the ruler of the hive. It is important for Turkish that the manager, who made all kinds of decisions about the hive, made plans for the future and implemented it, and was able to make a decision to migrate when necessary, with a name at the top of the old Turkish administration. Likewise, the tradition of giving sons from the hive, which has increased in population, can be associated with the brain-son of the ancient Turks who went to a separate tent when they got married. Besides, it is not for nothing that worker bees are called soldiers. Because it is known that some of the bees in the hive protect the hive against other bees and insects like a real soldier. On the other hand, bees' rebellion from time to time when they are dissatisfied with their brain management style - similar to raising a boiler - can be named as "gabra kaldırmak", among other similarities. As can be seen from the examples, this study will focus on the cultural roots of the beekeeping language.

Beekeeping, language, Turkish Culture

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