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The Impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak on Municipal Services: The Case of Trabzon
The aim of this study is to examine the changes that occur in central and local governments in general and in the provision of municipal services in Trabzon in particular during the COVID 19 process. In the literature, outbreaks are defined as large-scale health events that lead to changes in management and life in world history. The administration in Turkey is organized as centralized and decentralized management. It is natural that the services provided by municipalities, which are parts of decentralization, are also affected by the coronavirus epidemic. In this context, interviews were held with the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality and the district mayors / officials during the epidemic process using a semi-structured interview technique. In addition, a survey was conducted with various professionals within the boundaries of the municipality where the interviewed officials are responsible, and the data obtained from the interviews were compared. As a result, it has been determined that the coronavirus epidemic has caused a number of changes in the delivery of municipal services and in the lifestyle of the people. It is believed that the results obtained from the hybrid method using the interview and questionnaire techniques will contribute to the literature.

Coronavirus, Municipality, Trabzon, Change and Transformation.

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