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Support of the Hungarians to the Ottoman State During the Turko-Russian War in 1876-1878
The basis of the relations between the Ottoman and Hungary is old. In addition to the historical kinship ties from the Huns, the relations reached a higher level with the Russian threat encountered in the 19th century. Russia's expansionist attitude posed a threat to both countries. The Hungarian Freedom War failed with the intervention of the Russians and the pioneers of the struggle took refuge in the Ottoman. Likewise, the Hungarians tried to give all kinds of support to Ottoman, which was in a difficult situation in the 93 War. The support provided by Hungary in this difficult period of the Ottoman is of great importance. Because Ottoman, which fought with Russia many times in the 19th century, was in a difficult situation in every field. Hungarians sent bandages and treatment materials for the wounded Ottoman soldier, also provided financial aid. In addition, they organized demonstrations in various countries to inform the European public and composed poems and songs for Ottoman soldiers and commanders to try to keep the motivation of the army alive. Some of them offered to undertake military service in the Ottoman State. All the rapprochement had great importance in the construction of a common future (Turanism).

93 War, Hungarian Support, Turkish-Hungarian Relations

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