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Arabic and Persian Emotion Words of Ottoman Turkish
Emotion researches has gained momentum in many fields of social sciences with the rise of social constructivist perspective which claims emotions are not only biological impulses but also socio-cultural constructs. One of these disciplines, “the history of emotions”, focuses on changes of emotions over time, and their differences in various cultures, with reference to historical texts and literary works to list emotional vocabulary of the language it focuses. In this regard, detecting emotional vocabulary of Turkish language would yield useful results not only for Turkish literature researches but also to track histories of emotions in Turkish. In this respect, it is important to detect the emotion words belonging to another cultural sphere, of which Turkish language in Western field starts to interact from 13th century. This lexicon search tries to identify Arabic and Persian originated “emotion nouns” of Ottoman Turkish from 13th to 19th centuries. For this purpose, Ottoman Turkish – Modern Turkish Dictionary of Ferit Devellioğlu, which is the most extended dictionary of Ottoman Turkish from 13th to 19th centuries, has been looked up item by item, and three hundred and ninety five words which express an emotion or an affect have been found. Afterwords, the vocabulary found in Devellioğlu Sözlük, searched in Kamus-ı Türkî, the most reliable dictionary of Ottoman Turkish for 19th century, to understand whether they still exit or is there any semantic changes. In this process it is aimed to determine the emotional lexicon which is borrowed from Arabic and Persian of Ottoman Turkish from 13th centuries to 19th centuries, and their situations especially in 19th century in which new genres of Turkish literatures emerged.

History of Emotions, Emotional Lexicon, Lexicography, Emotions, Semantics.

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