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Çorum Branch of Turkish Children’s Protection Society (1924-1930)
As there have been children in need of protection throughout history, there have also been people or institutions providing help for those children due to religious, humanitarian and legal reasons. Turks used to pay great significance to their children and they provided necessary education to prepare them fully for their lives beginning from their early childhood. For this purpose, although there are many institutions in Turkish history for the protection of children, the most well-known of them is the Himaye-i Etfal Society. Institutionalization of this society, whose roots extend to the Ottoman State, as well as its opening branches at home and abroad occurs during the Republic of Turkey period. After the establishment of the Himaye-i Etfal Society on June 30, 1921, a branch of the society, which accelerated its organization, also begins its activities in Çorum. The society has engaged in important activities that aims to ensure that poor and destitute children, especially children of martyrs and veterans, live in better conditions of education, health and life. The activities regarding the children in need of Dr. Hamit Şakir, who served as the president of Turkish branch of Himaye-I Etfal Society for a long time, could be understood from the news reflected on the newspapers of the time.

Turkish Children’s Protection Society, Çorum, Hamit Şakir.

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 72. sayı yayınlandı

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