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The Bafra People's House and Its Activities (1933-1951)
Public Houses are the organizations that were opened with the aim of adoption of the republican regime’s values by the citizens and cultural and social development of the country at fourteen provincial center firstly in Ankara on 19 February 1932. Public Houses which had been active almost everywhere in the country until 1951 when they were closed had fulfilled important functions in both impressing the republican reforms on a vast majority of public by integrating with public and building a culturally developed society. In this regard we have reviewed the Public House that was established in Bafra, Samsun. Bafra Public House which was opened in 24 February 1933 carried on its activities until 1951 and within this time period was engaged in conveying the values of Republic to the citizens and contributing to the citizens’ social and cultural lives. In this work it was aimed to exhibit the establishment and functions of Bafra Public House. In the preparation of the work which intends to contribute to the forthcoming studies about Public Houses it has been referred from Presidency of the Republic of Turkey Directorate of State Archives documents, Public Houses instructions, annual reports and writings about the topic as well as periodicals.

Bafra, Public Houses, Samsun, Republic People’s Party, Modernization.

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 74. sayı yayınlandı

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