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Evaluation of E-Government in the Context of Governance
Transformation in public administration began in 1980s. Those were the years when the role, structure and functioning of the state started to be questioned. The management understanding of the public sector has evolved from traditional public administration to new public management understanding and from there to the contemporary governance understanding. The new public management understanding is based on the idea that the state can be managed, essentially, with the principles and tools of the private sector. The new public management approach aims to introduce private sector concepts of effectiveness, efficiency and being economical in the functioning of the state. Governance approach, on the other hand, emerged in 1990s, when the functioning of the state was open to a new round of questioning. With governance, the aim is to create a multi-stakeholder management structure where the state is accompanied by the civil society, markets and the private sector. The objective is to achieve effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, openness, accountability, participation and equality in public management. In the years 2000, the emergence of new media technologies triggered by the advances in information and communication technologies laid the foundation for the emergence of e-Government. The state responded to the developments in this area by introducing e-Government applications. E-Government is also a multi-faceted structure. It aims to achieve effectiveness, transparency, openness, accountability, citizen-centered practices and participation. This study focuses on new media technologies, governance approach and e-Government. The main objective of the study is to evaluate e-Government from the perspective of governance, which is a new management understanding.

New Media, Citizen Centered Management, Governance, E-Government.

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