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A Thematic Approach to the Classification of Proverbs: The Case of Antalya
Proverbs, which are essential documents of Turkish folk culture, written and oral literature, are the reflection of the experiences and experiences gained over time into words that contain short, concise, and deep meanings. It includes a massive philosophy of life in short expressions freed from the burden of words. Proverbs are guiding, educative, warning, instructive, and concise formulaic expressions that are said in every subject, from education to teaching, from agriculture to the folk calendar, from nature to the universe, from literature to art, from hunger to satiety, from bravery to cowardice, from generosity to stinginess. Thus, proverbs, which are considered a part of our national culture, have a rich usage in our oral and written literature. Proverbs, the first examples of which we can follow with texts, in the Orkhon Inscriptions and Divânu Lugâti't-Türk, maintain their vitality today by expanding their existence and influence. Proverbs and idioms are formulaic expressions; however, due to various reasons, the words of some of these formulaic expressions may have changed, some of them may have been enriched with words with regional characteristics, and some proverbs may have been forgotten today. Nevertheless, proverbs, which have the power to say a lot with few words, are among the wealthiest knowledge sources of our oral and written literature and vocabulary. In this article, after giving information about proverbs, examples will be given on similar words that these expressions reflect on individuals' feelings, thoughts, and lives. The thematic analysis of proverbs used in Eastern Antalya and determined from written sources will be made in the next stage. In addition, the obtained findings will be evaluated in the context of variant, theme, function, subject, and synonym aspects with the analysis method, and the situation in Turkish proverbs will be revealed.

Proverb, Antalya, oral culture, theme, world of thought.

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