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An Example of Grammarization in Historical Turkic Texts: On Oksuz and Its Some Forms of Hendiadyoins
Turkic, which has texts belonging to a wide variety of cultural circles since its first written texts, has a very rich vocabulary in the texts produced in these circles. The vocabulary of Turkic, together with some archaic forms, has reached modern written languages and has continued to keep many linguistic data spread over a wide geography. However, the examples of the written language, which have been going on for twelve centuries, have brought with them problems for the explanation of some word forms in terms of vocabulary. In historical texts, the forms discussed with the comparative method in order to understand the conceptual fields they have, have the opportunity to be understood with some approaches, while some of them still remain unclear. In this respect, some forms need to be re-evaluated from different perspectives and with other approaches. Oksuz form, which has been discussed many times in Turkology studies, still maintains its problematic status despite all the explanations. The situation of the form, which is generally tried to be explained through the examples in the inscriptions, especially in the texts written in the Buddhist Uyghur circles, makes the previous approaches conceptually dubious. In this article, all witnesses of the form oksuz witnessed in historical texts, from the first examples to the hendiadyoin forms, will be evaluated conceptually, and its conceptual development will be examined in the light of the grammarization stages of the form and a new interpretation proposal will be made.

Old Turkic, Grammarization, Hendiadyoins, Oksuz

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları "72. Sayı" yayınlandı

    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 72. sayı yayınlandı

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