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An Investigation of the Urban Life Satisfaction Level of the People Living in Bartın
As a concept created by modernity, conditions in urban areas largely determine the quality of life and social actions of individuals. Today's people are aware that the responsibility for improving the quality of life belongs to local and central governments. The idea that the gross national product per capita as a stand-alone economic indicator can determine the general welfare level and standard of living of the nation is now abandoned. In addition to economic indicators, new criteria are also on the agenda due to the fact that individuals are social beings. Therefore, different scientific approaches conduct research on the needs of local and nation people using different scales. It is extremely problematic to apply a certain scale that can be applied in any city in the world and to claim that it will reveal the real problems of the city, taking into account the interaction of human and nature. Therefore, there is a need to develop scale or research tools specific to each settlement. Having a tree to sit in the shade of on a hot summer day in a residential area can be conceptualized as an important need. Elsewhere, more sunlight may be needed. From this point of view, it is possible to say that there are needs that can be objectively constructed for each city and features that can be evaluated subjectively that will affect the perceptions of individuals. In this study, it is aimed to investigate the satisfaction levels of the people living in Bartın as a city. According to the results of the research conducted with individuals of different age, gender, income and education levels, it was seen that there were inconsistent results in the evaluation of objective and subjective variables about Bartın.

Urban Life, Satisfaction Level, Objective and Subjective Variables

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