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İşgal Sürecindeki Kore ve Abdürreşid İbrahim
The early 20th century meant the beginning of the Japanese colonial era for Korea. Turkish/Tatar activist Abdürreşid İbrahim, who set foot on the occupied lands from the lands of the occupying country, tried to know about the Korea. While visiting certain cities, towns and villages of this country, he felt an affinity towards Koreans. Abdürreşid İbrahim paid a close attention to religious and political issues in this East Asian country he had just known. Intense activities of the Christian missionaries in the region disturbed him to a great extent. On the other hand, he was very upset because he could not deliver the message of Islam, which he considered his duty. During the few days he spent in Korea, he tried to talk with as many Koreans as possible in order to learn their thoughts on the Japanese administration. However, since almost all of these dialogues took place through Japanese translators, they did not satisfy him. Although he realised that the Koreans were a noble nation, he felt uneasy when he saw that they were intimidated by the Japanese occupation. According to him, if Korea was to be a colony, the Japanese could be preferred among other powers, but he would never be willing to accept it that these people be dominated. Abdürreşid İbrahim took a stance in favor of the independence of Korea and advised the Koreans he spoke to to struggle for that cause.

Korea, Abdürreşid İbrahim, Japan, Colonial, Independence

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