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A Section from the Ottoman-Safavid War: Preparations for the Baghdad Expedition (1625/26) and Tactical Observations
The Ottoman Empire’s struggles with the Habsburgs in the West, as known “The Long Wars” and their preoccupation with the Celali Revolts within in the last quarter of the XVIth century, restarted Ottoman-Safavid struggles in 1603. The Safavid Shah Abbas as to regain the places which he lost with the Ferhad Pasha agrement in 1590, he engaged in struggles with Ottomans in the East and it was signed Nasuh Pasha Treaty between two povers. However the aggressive attitudes of Safavids could sustain this peace only three years. The struggles started on the axis of the Caucasus, resulted in the defeat of the Ottomans and it was signed the Treaty of Serav in 1618. İndeed this peace was not a permanent because of Safevid Shah Abbas claimed rights in the Iraq-i Arab lands. As a matter of fact the turmoil caused by Bekir Subaşı in Baghdad and its arround ended with the intervention of the Safavids in the Baghdad. Thus the long-term struggles between two sides reached their peak when the Safavids took Baghdad in 1624. Hafız Ahmed Pasha was charged with take Baghdad. He made preparations in the desert of Diyarbekir approximately five months and he completed his preparations on September 1625, after he headed towards Baghdad Castle with his army and besieged the castle from three sides. The castle witnessed many struggles during Ottoman besieged approximately nine months. In the end, Shah Abbas helps send to castle in time enabled the Ottomans withdraw and left Baghdad under the control of Safavids for a while.

Iranian, Safavid, Shah Abbas, Baghdad, Murad IV, Hafız Ahmed Pasha.

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