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A Lithograph About Discussions on the Fruits Dated to 1875-76: The Fevâkihü’l-Kulûb of Ahmed Hayret-i Dağıstânî
The word debate, which means a discussion on a subject by certain procedures and rules, refers to the scientific discipline that researches and determines the methods and rules of discussions for knowing the truth. Types of debate in which the debaters put forward their ideas in thesis and try to prove these views with the examples and evidence they bring; scientific debate, political debate, philosophical debate, religious debate, and literary debate. The most common of these is the literary debate that takes place in the form of an author making two opposite or different elements such as day and night, sword and pen talk, expressing his own virtues and superiorities, and winning by refuting the evidence of the other party. Debate is a literary form that covers various topics and is used to collide with mutual ideas and inclinations. For this reason, in such works, there is a conflict of at least two opposite entities or concepts whose contrasts are so obvious, or whose names are so twins that they always go together. In addition to the debates between two people or two concepts, there are also debates between more than two elements to demonstrate their superiority over each other, and the lithograph Fevâkihü'l-Kulûb, which is the subject of this article, is such a debate. Fevâkihü'l-Kulûb, which was written by Ahmed Hayret-iDagıstani, about whom we could not find any information, in the form of mef'ûlümefâilünfeûlün and masnavi verse; 24 fruits, including plum, strawberry, cherry, cherry, peach, apricot, apple, pear, quince, pomegranate, citrus, orange, lemon, grape, hazelnut, walnut, chestnut, almond, pistachio, mulberry, jujube, fig, and date It is a fruit debate in which they engage in a struggle for supremacy in a garden during the season and the date palm wins at the end of this struggle.

Debate, Literary Debate, Fruits Debate, Fevâkihü’l-Kulûb, Ahmed Hayret-i Dağıstânî

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 73. sayı yayınlandı

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