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The Question of Retirement of the Members of the Kapıkulu Corps and the Palace Organization in the Ottoman Empire and ‘Tekâüt Ulûfesi’ (The Retirement Salary): The Case of Ankara Stamp Mukataa (1676 -1683)
In the Ottoman Empire, a salary called "tekâüt ulûfesi" was given to those who served at various levels of the army and bureaucracy, and who could no longer serve due to some reasons, after leaving their active duty. It was extremely important for the members of the Kapıkulu corps and members of the palace organization to be retired and to take tekâüt ulufesi . There was no statutory retirement age for these officials. In order for them to retire, they had to be too old to fulfill their duties, be crippled by injuries sustained in wars, and be dismissed for abuse or neglect of their duties. Retirement pensions of Kapıkulu corps and members of palace organization who retired in the Ottoman Empire was paid from funds of mayor şehremini (mayor) or foundations of the selatîn (royal) mosques until the reing of Selim the second. But, it started to be paid from the central treasury once for three mounts since the Selim the second's reign. When these people wanted to reside in another place other than Istanbul during their retirement, they received their pension from the customs or mukataa of the city they went to. In tis respect in our study, we see that some members of the Kapıkulu corps and members of the palace organization received their salaries from the Ankara Stamp Mukataa. In this study, the issue of retirement of some members of the Kapıkulu corps and the palace organization, worked in different regions of the Ottoman Empire, and the retirement salaries they received from Ankara Stamp Mukataa (revenue) after their retirement, have been tried to be revealed by using Presidency Ottoman Archive Ali Emirî Sultan Mehmed The Four, (Cumhurbaşkanlığı Osmanlı Arşivi Ali Emirî Sultan IV. Mehmed) (AE.SMMD.IV)

Kapıkulu Corps, Palace Organization, Tekâüt (Retirement), Ulûfe (Salary), Ankara Stamp Mukataa (Reve

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