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The Pugachev Revolt in Russia in the Days of Losing the Crimea and the Ottoman View of the Revolt
The 18th century is a very important century for the Ottoman Empire. In this period, as the state realized that it had lost its former power in the face of Europe, it began to seek ways to regain this power in European states. The iron curtain between the Ottoman state administrators, especially the sultan, and Europe was lifted in this period, so the mentality of the Ottoman administrators and bureaucrats began to change. In order to restore the state to its former power, innovations, especially reforms in the military fields, were tried to be made, and Western states were taken as an example for this. In the same period, important developments took place in Russia. Russia, which is mostly composed of glaciers, started to gain strength thanks to important development moves in the time of Tsar Peter I at the beginning of the century, and Russia's policy of landing on warm seas became a state policy from this period. The Tsars and Tsarinas who came to power after that also acted on the same policy. Especially in the time of Czarina II. Catherine, the efforts to dominate the Black Sea and go down to the Mediterranean from there brought Russia and the Ottoman Empire face to face in 1768. During this war, which would end with the Treaty of Küçükkaynarca, in which the Ottoman Empire lost Crimea in 1774, both states went through very difficult times. In particular, Russia not only fought at the front, but also had to deal with an internal rebellion initiated under the leadership of Pugachev, who was originally a Don Cossack. In this study, the Ottoman-Russian war of 1768-1774, the Pugachev rebellion that took place in Russia during this war, and the Ottomans reluctance / insufficiency benefit from this rebellion will be discussed.

Ottoman-Russia, Pugachev Revolt, Crimea, Küçük Kaynarca.

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