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The Vocabulary of Lacework in the Kırşehir Region
Lace is one of the handicrafts that has an important place in our culture. Laces, created with its own different methods and techniques, although it has been used for a long time; especially in the Republican period. Laces have been an important communication tool as well as being a means of responding to daily needs and adorning. Although it is used in different areas, the most common use of lace in the Kırşehir region is the scarf edge. n this study, the terminology of the lace used as a headscarf edge in the Kırşehir region is given. By giving the meanings of these terms, which we have reached through compilation and scanning, the terminology related to this field has been tried to be formed. The lace terms that we determined from Kırşehir region are given under six headings according to the concept that they are close in meaning. The reflection rate of these terms in the dictionaries was evaluated by comparing the 131 lace terms determined from the region with the Compilation Dictionary, the Contemporary Turkish Dictionary, the Scan Dictionary and the Kırşehir Regional Dialects dictionaries. It has been seen that the indefinite noun phrase and adjective phrase structure are widely used and Turkish words are mostly included while creating the lace terms of the Kırşehir region.

Terms, Kırşehir, Lace, terms, Kırşehir

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