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On the Phrase of “Bir Tanrı" (One God) in the Poetica of Yunus Emre
Yunus Emre is enjoys a distinguished place among the most important poets of the Turkish language. What makes him so prominent is his world of thought, as well as his ability to express his thoughts in beautiful and in-depth structures. In his expressions, we can see the best examples of the characteristics of his period, and we can also find some archaic elements of the past periods. These features, which reflect the traces of the past period, also reflect the sources from which Yunus Emre derived his inspiration in terms of ideas and way of expression. In this study, the places in Yunus Emre's poems where the phrase "One God" is used has been determined. The transition of the word "one" from being used as a numeral adjective to being used as a noun is shown through examples. It has also been emphasized that the use of "One God", seen in Yunus Emre and his works, is equivalent to the usage of "Bir Bayat, Bir İḍi and Bir Tengri" in works belonging to Hakaniye Turkish. Based on the replacement of the word "God" with different words in different versions of Yunus Emre's Divan, we have tried to reveal that the area of usage of this word and, accordingly, the collocation of "One God", with which it formed a pattern, has lost its frequency of use.

The phrase "One God", Yunus Emre, Kutadgu Bilig, God, idiom transfer, Hakaniye Turkish

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