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The Modality View of the Sentences With the Structure “Fiil-(y)A+bil-” in Kemal Tahir’s Novel Esir Şehrin Mahpusu
Compound verbs are the structures combined together to express and act or describe a movement and their main element is a noun or a verb generally followed by an auxiliary verb. Compound verbs, whose main element is the verb, consist of such categories as approximative, haste, durative and potential verbs. In potential verbs the gerund suffix added to the main verb is followed by the auxiliary verb "bil-". Thus, “Fiil-[(y)A]+bil-” structure is formed. “Fiil-[(y)A]+bil-” structure can take the suffixes -DI, -mIş, -(I)yor, -(y)AcAk, -(A/I)r, -mAlI, -sA and -A and may affect the modality view of that sentence. Although the structure of "Fiil-[(y)A]+bill-" is called a verb of potential, it could also convey possibility, permission, request, recommendation etc. meanings. This shows that the structure of “Fiil-[(y)A]+bil-" can mark other modality categories alongside the abilitive modality. In our study, we have aimed to determine the view of the sentences with “Fiil-[(y)A]+bil-” in Palmer's modality categories and how the structure of “Fiil-[(y)A]+bil-” marks the other modality categories apart from the abilitive modality category. In our study, in which purposive sampling was preferred, forty sentences containing the structure "Fiil-[(y)A]+bil-" were selected from Kemal Tahir's novel Esir Şehir Mahpusu, and these sentences were analyzed according to the categories in Palmer's modality classification. Through a detailed examination, it has been determined that twenty-two sentences containing the structure "Fiil-[(y)A]+bil-" are marked in the abilitive modality, nine in the speculative modality, five in the permissive modality, three in the volitive modality, and in the necessity modality of one sentence. It is expected that the results obtained from this study will contribute to the modality field and modality studies.

Modality, Modality Categories, Potential Verb, Kemal Tahir, Esir Şehrin Mahpusu.

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