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From Ötüken to Anatolia: The Cultural Items Reflected upon the Language in the Kırşehır Region
Kırşehir is one of the important crossroads and passageways in Anatolia; In this respect, it has become one of the centers where different elements of Turkish culture meet, melt and distill. In this geography, great events ranging from the Seljuks to the Ilkhanians, from the principalities to the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, from great revolts to constructivism and state establishment have been experienced. Şeyh Edebalı, who made and kneaded the will that founded the Ottoman State, is a person of these places. The pioneers of the Babâî revolts emerged from these lands, Âşık Paşa who was the son of those pioneers, participated in the foundation of the Ottoman, and historian Aşıkpaşaoğlu was nearby Yavuz in Chaldoran, Marjedabik and Rhidâniye. The Cacabey family came from Mongolia, Ahi Evran-ı Veli came from Khoy city of South Azerbaijan. Even though it was not occupied, Kırşehir's participation in the Turkish War of Independence was magnificent. Those who welcomed Mustafa Kemal to Mucur at the narrow time of the evening and those who hosted him in Kırşehir were Turks, who were product of this brilliant history. Mustafa Kemal had said to them: Within this paper, it will be put with examples that the state of separation in Old Turkish, which is a language feature reflected in this historical,geographik and social structure, is met with the presence of the suffix. Besides; the words such as samağır/samağar; tuhran/tufran

Kırşehir, Old Turkish, proverbs, curses and prayers, Obruk

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