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Verb Elliptical Sentences as a Determinant of Style
Some deviations and preferences in the use of language by the artist are among the factors that determine his style. Identifying such uses, which are part of the style of the text and reach a certain frequency, is also essential for the understanding of the text. The stylistics tries to identify and interpret the use of language and structures unique to the author in the text within the framework of a number of established methods. The common aspect of the analysis methods used is that every element of the text at the level of sound, word and sentence can be a stylistic determinant and take place in style studies. In this respect, ellipsis in sentence types and elements shaped by the author's preferences in the text belong to the field of study of both stylistic science and linguistics. In this study, it is aimed to reveal the appearance of elliptical language usage as a stylistic determinant and its contribution to the her style in Nazan Bekiroğlu's works named İsimle Ateş Arasında, Cam Irmağı Taş Gemi, Lâ: Sonsuzluk Hecesi, Nar Ağacı, Mücellâ. The frequency of the predicate elliptical sentences, their formation forms, the functions they gained were determined and exemplified with the sentences selected from the texts. In the works called İsimle Ateş Arasında, Cam Irmağı Taş Gemi, Lâ: Sonsuzluk Hecesi, it has been seen that the verb elliptical sentences that develop as a choice outside the standard language use play a decisive role in the construction of the author's style, and this sentence type is avoided in Nar Ağacı ve Mücellâ.

Style, Linguistics, Text, Verb Elliptical Sentences

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