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Noun Phrases Including Numeral Words in Turkish: The Animal Ages in Muqaddimat al-Adab
This study consists of two parts. In the first, variable assumptions and applications related to age calculation are mentioned. The use of "...yaşında(...)" and "... yaşımda(...)", which are ways of expressing age with numerical words, were evaluated together with their oldest written equivalents. As seen in examples such as bėş yaşımta, yėti yaşıŋa, yeti yaşta, the phrase was also used in historical texts to indicate the possession of the person concerned. When there is no possessive suffix, it has a direct case. This number (group) // age + case suffix structure, which is not seen in the standard language, is available in dialects. Although age is countable, the number word is a naming element in these phrases and the accusative/definiteness suffix in today's structure clearly shows that these are noun phrases. Considering the changing appearances of non-affix contruction in the historical course, it seems possible to consider the number words // age structures, which are referred to as adjective phrases in many related studies, as non-affix phrase. The second part of the study will present the examples of the differences in age-related acceptance and naming in the Paris and Yozgat copies of Muqaddimat Al-Adab. The Turkish translation of the same Arabic word and phrase that expresses the age of an animal differs so as one age in the Paris and Yozgat copies. This situation was interpreted as the variability of age determinations in two copies.

“yaşımda”, “yaşında”, noun phrase without suffixes, Muqaddimat Al-Adab, age of animals

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