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A Study on the Conflicts in the Story of "Hasanboğuldu" of Sabahattin Ali
Sabahattin Ali is one of the most important writers of Turkish literature with his works in novels, stories, poems and plays. The 20th century Turkish story gains a style that tells the various life scenes of Anatolian people in lyrical, lively and plain language with its writings in the nature and love of nature. The main subject of his stories is human. That human is at the center. His forms of life, manifestations, and various behaviors and states that will work on life and events constitute the main structure. Subject to our study "Hasanboğuldu", which is liked and read by the readers, even in the film it is an adapted story. The story consists of thirteen stories in the story book "Yeni Dünya" published by the author in 1943. It can be said that the story in question contains folkloric elements and can be fed by elements from the oral tradition. In this article, the conflicts in the aforementioned story have been discussed and it has been concluded that the conflict is one of the important structural elements in the narrative and that the conflicts in the story can be grouped under the subheadings of person-person, person-society, person-space and conflict with oneself.

Sabahattin Ali, “Hasan Boğuldu”, plot, conflicts

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