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The Ottoman Coins in the Museum of Ethnography in Ordu
In the study, 49 coins belonging to the Ottoman Period in the Ordu Ethnography Museum were examined. These coins came to the museum by donation, purchase and forcible confiscation. The earliest dated of the coins is Fatih Sultan Mehmed Han (M.1451-1481) and the latest dated one is from the period of Sultan Mehmed V. Reşat Han (1909-1918) and it covers a total of 10 sultans. On the coins are the sultan's tag, his tughra, his title, the place of minting and the date of the mint, along with prayer phrases such as azze nasrahu (may Allah's holy help be with him) and hullide Mülkehu (may his property be permanent). 6 of the coins were minted from copper, 31 of them were silver and 12 of them were from nickel material. 12 coins were minted with hammer technique, 12 coins by mechanical pressing and 25 coins by automatic coin presses. The aim of this study, because there is not enough work on the Ottoman Period, it was necessary to carry out this study. It is thought that the study will be a source for other sciences such as archeology, history and geography, especially art history, due to the writing and ornamental features on the coins.

Ordu Ethnography Museum, Ottoman Coins, Silver, Copper, Nickel.

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    Karadeniz Araştırmaları 76. sayı yayınlandı

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