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The Relationship Between Serial Verbs and Compound Verbs and Its Appearance in Turkish
Serial verb Constructions (SVC) which were first identified in African languages, are formed by the succession of two verbs without any conjunction or connection element, similar to compound verbs. As the typical features of these structures which were initially considered as a kind of compound, were determined, it was revealed that they showed some important differences from the compound verbs. In this study, the relationship between SVC and compound verb in Turkish will be emphasized. The aim of the study is not to reveal that SVC and compound verb are two different concepts; is to emphasize that these two concepts are two verb formations that can be considered as the continuation of each other. It is thought that some of the compound verbs, which are characterized by different names (double verb, modal auxiliary verb, semi-descriptive verb, compound verb formed with modal suffixes) in the classification of compound verbs in Turkish, may be SVC. Particularly, the similarities between the descriptive verbs and the asymmetric SVC in terms of formation, in which the second verb gains the auxiliary verb feature by being grammatical, is at a level that can add a different dimension to the discussions on the descriptive verb. Especially in Turkish spoken language, how many kaç git, kap gel, gel al, al git etc. It is seen that it is quite difficult to evaluate SVC examples within the scope of compound verb. In addition, the fact that some verb formations which are accepted as SVC lexicalized form compound nouns (kapkaç, kaçgöç, çekyat, gelgit, etc.) are important clues that show how close the compound verb and SVC are to each other.

Serial verb construction,Compound verb, verb

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    12.10.2023 tarihi itibariyle Dergimize gönderilen makalelerin işlem süreçleri tamamen Dergipark üzerinden yapılacaktır.

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