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The Role of Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives in the Conflict and Post-Conflict Areas: The Case of the Syrian Refugee Crisis
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the involvement of the private sector in collective actions and the roles that it plays in humanitarian disasters and crises in conflict and post-conflict areas. The multi-stakeholder initiatives (MSIs) are the main emphasis of this paper. The paper analyzes the involvement of the private sector in various forms of partnerships and addresses the challenges that these initiatives face. Rational choice institutionalism theory is used in discussing and identifying MSIs’ roles. The analysis is built on the Syrian refugee crisis and shows that the private sector can potentially contribute more to humanitarian action through collaboration with various actors. This work also contributes by proposing recommendations to overcome barriers and increase the effectiveness of MSIs.

Multi-stakeholder Initiatives; Multisectoral Partnerships; The Private Sector; Conflict and post-con

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