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Some Notes on the Syntactic Comparison of the Works "Seyfu'l Mulûk" Story Written in Chagatai Language in the Uyghur Alphabet, "Mecâlisu'n-Nefâ'is" and "Tezkire-i Evliyâ"
A lot of studies done about Chagatai which was used as East Turkishness’s spaken and written languge from 15 century abbreviation to 20 century. However, among these studies doneon the syntax of Chagatai are quite a few. This study, titled as Syntax in Chagatai ( In The Example Of Chagatai Translation Which Written İn Uighur Alphabet Seyfü’l Müluk Story, Mecalisü’n-Nefâyis and Tezkire-i Evliyâ) comparing three Works in which Chagatai’s language praperties used, done to state sytactic features. In line with this purpase, making interpretations, Chagatai’s syntax which are the corner stone of Uzbek Language, and full of Turkish Literary Works, it is essential to support other studies, in terms of sytactic view and brng in different point of views to Chagatai By all means, the Works belonging to Chagatai Literature which had effect for centuries, and accepted to be the third phase of Islamic Middle Asia Turkish Literature are not limited with these three Works chasen are the pieces written in differet term of Chagatai and including different language properties. While finding the method of our work, Leyle Karahan’s “Syntax in Turkish” was taken as an example. Through this work, while appoaching Chagatai from a different view, leading to different syntactic studies is our greatest goal.

Chagatai, Syntax, Written in Uighur Alphabet Seyfü’l Mülûk Story, Mecâlisü’n-Nefâyis, Chagatai Trans

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