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Reading the Transition from Tradition to Modernity Through the Ottoman Ship Names in the Steamship Age
The 19th century was a century in which great changes and transformations were experienced all over the world. The Ottoman State had now accepted the superiority of Europe in all areas and was trying to adapt the changes in the West to its own structure. The first area where modernization began was the army. If the Ottomans modernized their armies, they would regain their former war power and protect their lands. In addition, they were interested in the modernization of the navy with the emergence of steamship technology in the maritime field. In the first place, the transition from sailing ships to steamships was not easy, but in the following period, the speed of steamships in transporting people and logistics made it easier to replace other ships. The modernization adventure of the Ottoman Empire, which started with the Tanzimat and continued with the Edict of Islahat, coincided with the emergence of steamships, although it was a bumpy period. It was not surprising that the names given to steamships during this period reflected the state's own political language. The state was trying to convey the political and institutionalized change it had experienced to the public with the names it gave to the ships in this area. In this period, incorporation initiatives encouraged by the state also supported the modernizing state with the names they gave to the ships. Periodically, the changes in the state policy were also reflected in the names of the ships. The aim of this article is to examine the Ottoman modernization, which included a long change and painful process, through the names given to the ships. Thus, it will be tried to understand the change in the official policy and political language of the state through the modernization of the navy.

Ottoman State, Ship Names, Maritime, Modernity

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