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On Mongolian Personal Names in Defter-i Mufassal-ı Lıvâ-ı Ahısha, Dated 1595
Defter-i Mufassal-ı Livâ-i Ahısha, dated 1595, contains important information about tax types, amounts and taxpayers, and this information has been evaluated by various branches of science. There have been ethnogenesis debates in the region, especially over the names of people. However, the Mongolian names of the people in the book have not been discussed so far. In this article, firstly, the process of giving Mongolian personal names, the tendency to give names, then about a hundred Mongolian names in the notebook are given in alphabetical order together with the places they pass, their meanings, and the works in which they are documented. Today, the presence of Mongolian elements in place names, personal names and vocabulary of the region makes the Mongolian person names in the notebook explainable. When we look at the sound changes seen in Mongolian person names, it is seen that while Mongolian features continue in some of them, there are sound changes peculiar to Qipchak Turkish, which makes its presence felt in the region today. In addition, the use of the suffix /+a(y)/, which appears to have been added to Mongolian personal names in the notebook and continues to exist in Artvin-Ahiska dialects, is more common than the Mongolian equivalent of this suffix /+GA(y)/ can be interpreted as Turkification/Turkishization in the last quarter of the 16th century in this geography. However, the fact that some of the Mongolian personal names did not lose their Mongolian characteristics reveals the presence of Mongols in the notebook geography in this period.

Onomastics, anthroponymy, Mongolian personal names, Defter-i Mufassal-ı Livâ-i Ahısha

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