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War Strategies in the Dede Korkut Oghuznames
There are many reflections of the war on various genres and fields of language, culture, art and literature. The Dede Korkut Oguznames, which are among the most researched texts in the history of Turkish language, culture and literature and continue to be the subject of new studies day by day with their rich content, also contain remarkable examples in terms of war elements and especially war strategies, but in this context, the subject has not yet been examined through independent studies. and whether it has been adequately addressed or not. In this study, which was prepared with the attention and need in question, the subject of war strategies in the Dede Korkut Oguznames was discussed with the examples determined through the text. In this direction, the subject of war in the Dede Korkut Oguznames was firstly evaluated in this study. In the continuation of the study, examples of war strategies seen in Dede Korkut Oguznames were classified and analyzed under certain sub-titles. In the narrations, the appearances of issues such as anger, applause and praise, sleep, awakening and awakening, captivity and military espionage, war order and hunting are analyzed in the context of war strategies. Thus, the subject of war strategies in Dede Korkut Oguznames has been tried to be clarified.

Dede Korkut Oghuznames, war, war strategies.

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