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A Manuscript on the Debate of Pleasurable Substances Registered at No. 361 in the Tercuman Folder of the Suleymaniye Library
Literary debate, written by an author, about the struggle for supremacy of opposite entities or concepts such as "night and day", "pen and sword", "mind and love"; It is a very popular genre in Sumerian, Akkadian, Egyptian, Aramaic, Syriac, Arabic, Persian and Turkish literatures. The most original and most striking examples of this genre in Turkish literature, whose origins date back to the Sumerians, are the competition debates in which pleasurable substances try to claim and prove their superiority over each other with the help of identification and persistence arts. While most of these debates have been published, there are still some unpublished ones. In this article, such a debate of pleasurable substances (Süleymaniye Library Interpreter Manuscripts No. 361) was dealt with and analyzed. In the work, seven pleasure substances (opium, berş, cannabis, boza, wine, mead, coffee) enter into a fierce struggle in a mansion built in a vineyard called İşret-âbâd to become the most acceptable pleasure item in the world. Although the winner of this difficult struggle is coffee, the debate results in peace.

Classical Turkish Literature, Debate, Literary Debate, Pleasure-Inducing Substances, Pleasure-Induci

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