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Ordu/Fatsa Yapraklı Cemetery and Historical Tombstones
Abstrac The historical tombstones found in Yapraklı Cemetery were recorded with this research and scientifically examined and introduced for the first time. The historical tombs in the cemetery, where the destruction and losses were high, were taken and their inscriptions were read. The tomb typology of the artifacts, the material, technique, form and decoration features of the witnesses were evaluated within the art history methodology. In the cemetery, where the diversity of the tombstone typology is limited, important details have been determined with the richness of the compositions in the decoration and the difference according to the region. The 18th century which is considered very aesthetic and two-dimensional in terms of decoration abstract branches on the headstone of Alime Hanım, and fruits in a boat bowl at the top are decorated with eaten and still lifes in four frieze-shaped footed bowls. While almost all of the footstones in Yapraklı Cemetery were decorated, it was applied on a mosque-depicted foot? stone, which was not processed much in the Black Sea Region, which is known to be unique to the Western Anatolia Region. An interesting detail has been recorded in the inscriptions written in Ottoman Turkish and in the contemporary Turkish of the Republic Period and the varying differences in their content, and in one example, the word "God". It is important to follow the chronological change of the works as simple examples that continue the tradition of making other tombstones, starting with the work produced from very high quality workmanship and materials in the cemetery. While the twelve samples examined in the cemetery were handled technically, the works were tried to be determined, especially in the tradition of Turkish tombstones and in the culture of the region.

Key Words: Yapraklı, Inscription, Mosque depiction, Natürmort, God

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