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Traces of the War Books of the Caliph Ali in the Poem “Kıtâb Al-Sîrat Al-Nebî” of Izzeddin Hasanoğlu
Anatolian and Azerbaijani Turkishness went through difficult times in the 13th century. After the collapse of the Seljuk State, the Anatolian Seljuk State fell into a difficult situation with the Babai Revolt and after the Kösedağ War, it became dependent on the Ilkhanid State with the Mongolian occupation and subsequently collapsed. The Mongol oppression, the poverty of the people with excessive taxes, and the lack of a state or power to save the people from this situation led people to turn to religion, God as the only door of hope. In such an atmosphere, Ali's cenkname’s were told by wandering bards, and people were instilled with strength and warrior power. It is thought that the masnavi named "Kitab-ı Siretü'n Nebi", written by İzzeddin Hasanoğlu, formed the basis for Ali's cenknames. The masnavi and some cenknames mentioned in this article are compared with examples.

Ali, Hasanoglu, Ilkhanid, Mongolian, cenkname

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