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NATO-EU Cooperation in the Emerging Hybrid Warfare Environment
Throughout the history of humanity, political, military, economic and other areas of struggle have been formed. These areas of struggle sometimes have turned into wars. The effects of technology and globalization have led to the preference of warring actors and methods. Especially, after the Second World War, the security environment in which the states acted as the main actors left to hybrid warfare environment in which multi-actor (military units, terrorists, foreign fighters, elements of organized crime units, etc.) take place and aiming to reach the goal in the less time and cheaper. The aim of this study is to examine the effect of hybrid warfare on the cooperation between the European Union (EU) and NATO. In this context, firstly, the phenomenon of hybrid warfare was explained. Then its historical background, the changes brought by hybrid warfare, hybrid warfare and implementations of Russia were explained. After that the EU's response to hybrid threats was examined. In the next section, it was explained that increasing of cooperation fields. In the following evaluation section, the reports published by NATO and the EU were examined. The findings were evaluated in the conclusion section. As a result of the examination, NATO and the EU are not alternatives to each other; on the contrary, they are complementary in evolving hybrid war environment. It was evaluated that, while NATO came to the fore with its hard power that it could use against threats, the EU came to the fore with its soft power.

Hybrid Warfare, The EU’s Response to Hybrid Threats, The EU-NATO Cooperation

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