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Reasons Of The Occupations In Afghanistan And The Forced Migration Process Caused By The Occupations
First of all, it is necessary to address what kind of political perspective created in the context of historical conjuncture and ‘the Great Game’ in order to understand the occupation and migration processes in Afghanistan, which is an unstable country and has been going through security problems for centuries. Thereafter, it will be logical to address ‘the New Great Game’ based on the irregular migration movements experienced by both the USSR and the US occupation. In this study, that will be explained how Afghan asylum seekers who moved to Pakistan, Iran and Turkey with the occupation of the USSR in 1979 were accepted by these countries with which methods and ways, irregular migration movements that do not come to the fore will also be emphasized. Particularly, in the sub-headings where nearly 5 thousands asylum seekers of Turkish origin who came to Turkey through Pakistan by ‘the Settlement Law No. 2641’ in 1982 will be described, the asylum actions that remain on the dusty pages of history will be tried to be brought to the forefront. In this article, questions such as: ‘Were the occupations in Afghanistan and the asylum seeker and the refugee policies in the border countries (Pakistan-Peshawar, etc.) effective in the establishment and strengthening of the Taliban?; what was the reason for the occurrence of terror and irregular migration flows in these lands, where Britain, the USSR and the United States respectively tried to rule?; how were countries like Turkey affected by this migration process?; what kind of solutions can be offered to prevent the movement of Afghans asylum seekers? will be answered and an analyses will be tried to be made from an analogical point of view.

Afghanistan, Occupation, Irregular Migration, The USSR, The US

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