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Aziz (Sveti/Saint) Sava Society (1886-1891)
The Saint Sava Society, founded in Belgrade in 1886, worked to spread Serbian propaganda in the Macedonian and former Serbian regions of the Ottoman Empire. Serbia, which expanded its borders with the Treaty of Berlin in 1878, but lost Bosnia, which had historical ambitions, to Austria-Hungary, had to turn its direction to the south. However, it found Bulgaria and Greece in the face of its aims to expand to the south. Serbia, which declared war on Bulgaria and was defeated by the annexation of Eastern Rumelia by the Bulgarians, also struggled with the Bulgarians in Macedonia. Although he tried to come to terms with the Greeks, this did not happen. Bulgaria and Greece were fighting in the field of church and school in Macedonia and they had established various associations. In Serbia, he founded the Saint Sava Society in order to open as many schools as possible in Macedonia and Kosovo and to neutralize the Bulgarian propaganda. The Ottoman State carefully followed the activities of the society in its own lands through the Belgrade envoys. St. Sava Society, which has the motto "My member brother is my friend, no matter what religion", worked actively from its establishment until 1891. The students of the society, whose school in Belgrade was closed in 1891, also dispersed. However, the Ottoman State continued to follow the students.

Saint Sava Society, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, School.

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