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Canikli-Zâde Tayyar Mahmut Pasha and His Appointment Against Montainer Bandits
Canikli-zâde family had risen as a local overlord in Canik province. Canikli-zâdes were appointed to Trabzon Province as governor in an era when local feudal lords were revolting against the central authority and tyrannized over the people. Canikli-zâde’s ruled over a wide territory as a dynasty for three generations. After Suleiman Pasha was appointed as governor of Trabzon in 1757, his brother Ali Pasha, entitled as vizier, was appointed as governor of Trabzon in 1773. While Ali Pasha was executing his duty as the head of the army in Crimea Province in 1778, he had rejected to follow the orders and defected to the Crimea under Russian control. In 1781, Ali Pasha have been forgiven and put in charge in Trabzon Province as governor and vizier again. His son, Battal Hussein Pasha, and his grandson Tayyar Mahmut Pasha, who were both appointed as Trabzon governor later, experienced similar occasions. Tayyar Mahmut Pasha replaced his father as governor of Trabzon and head of the army in Egypt. After he returned from Egypt, he was appointed to fight against the bandits in Dağlı, Rumelia. He successfully executed his mission and returned back to Trabzon.

Canikli-zâde, Battal Hussein Pasha, Tayyar Mahmut Pasha, Dağlı Bandits, Trabzon, Rumeli

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