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A Bibliography Essay on Studies on Dialectal Dictionaries of the Turkish Field (Books and Graduate Theses)
Dialects are one of the most powerful cultural transmitters that establish a link between the past and the future of the language. Dialects are also among the important data sources of the language it belongs to in terms of phonetics, morphology, vocabulary and semantics. Dialect dictionaries are undoubtedly one of the most basic sources of this data. Dialect dictionaries address many areas of linguistics. For this reason, new studies in this field should be followed more closely. In order to serve this purpose, this study includes a bibliography of dialect dictionaries made from the beginning of the Republican period until 2022. The tags of the studies that have the feature of dialect dictionaries are classified under two headings: 1. Books with Dictionaries Prepared by Taking Their Materials from the Dialects of the Turkish Field, and Postgraduate Theses with the Qualification of the Dictionary, Prepared by Taking the Materials from the Dialects of the Turkish Field. These titles are also classified according to whether their subject is general or specific. As a result of the researches, it has been reached the tags of 126 source works, 93 of which are books and 33 of which are thesis, related to dialect dictionaries of Turkey. There is no explanatory information about the works given. The provinces and districts on which dialect dictionaries are prepared in the field of Turkey are shown on the map, and the situation in this field is determined, and after that, it has been tried to guide the researchers who want to work on dialect dictionaries.

Dialect dictionaries, bibliography, dictionary, vocabulary

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