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Physicians Playing A Role İn The Abbâsîd Palace: The Bukhtīshūʿ Family And Its Importance For The History Of Medicine
Bukhtīshūʿ family joined the palace from the beginning of the ʿAbbasid state and performed their duties as physicians for nearly two centuries. They made significant contributions to the world of science with their translations and copyrighted works in this field, as well as their role in making the medical institution of the ʿAbbāsid period operational. With the services of this family, Islamic civilization has made great progress in the field of medicine. Those whose information and works have survived in the sources: Ḏj̲urd̲j̲īs b. Djibrīl, Bukhtīshūʿ b. Ḏj̲urd̲j̲īs, Djibrīl b. Bukhtīshūʿ b. Ḏj̲urd̲j̲īs, Bukhtīshūʿ b. Djibrīl b. Bukhtīshūʿ, Djibrīl b. ’Ubayd Allah, ’Ubayd Allah b. D̲j̲ibrīl. Ibn Abi Usaybia, unlike his predecessors, dealt with these six physicians under headings and gave extensive information about their lives. The basis of classical technology is prepared for work. These are Ibn Abi Usaybia, Ibn al-Nadim, Ibn Al-Kıfti and Gregory Abû'l-Farac these are the best discounted prices. These works gave very important details about Bukhtīshūʿ. The person Ibn Abī Uṣaybiʿa’ is a physician's work ʿUyūn al-anbāʾ is a physician's stratum, and this scientist is in a position to distinguish himself from being one of his physicians in the ʿAbbāsid period and in a dignified manner.

History of Islam, History of Medicine, ʿAbbāsid, Bayt al-ḥikmah, Bukhtīshūʿ Family

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