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An Important Military Naval Base in the XVIII Century (Sinop Port)
The use of ports for military purposes has led to the emergence of the term naval base over time. As a matter of fact, military naval bases can generally be considered as places that meet the manufacturing, maintenance, repair and housing needs of ships, ensure effective operations in remote areas and respond to the necessary needs of the navy. At this point, Sinop Port is among the best naval bases of the Black Sea due to its geographically very favorable features. During the Ottoman Empire, the most active period in which Sinop was used as a military naval base was undoubtedly the XVIII century. Because in this period, the struggles with Russia are one of the problems that make the Ottoman Empire struggle the most beyond its borders. Due to the proximity of Sinop to the north of the country, especially to Crimea, the fact that the transfer of soldiers, ammunition and rations from Anatolia was made by sea from Sinop and that it had the capacity to meet all kinds of needs of the Ottoman navy brought this place to the forefront in the Ottoman-Russian wars. As a result, Sinop became an important military naval base for the Ottoman Empire in the XVIII century with its geographical location, natural sheltered ports and shipyard.

Sinop Port, naval base, navy, Ottoman, Russia.

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