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Velvet Revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine and Kirghizistan
The Yellow Revolution which was considered to be the outcomes of the civil revolution experienced in Georgia and Ukraine was concluded with the complete control of the opposition in the country and flee of the President Askar Akayev (On December 27 2004, he had accused the West of sponsoring revolutions in Ukraine and Georgia and vowed to prevent similar scenarios in Kyrgyzstan). Neither Putin nor Russian Foreign Affairs could determine any attitude during crisis in Kyrgyzstan. Due to the fact that the events were developed rapidly, Russian had lost opportunity interfering crisis. The USA, being the invisible hero of the revolution, had clearly supported the Kyrgyz opposition as so expected. It was known that the activities of the Kyrgyz civil societies had been financed by the US foundations and the International Development Agency of the USA. At least 170 civil society organisations, responsible for the democratic developments and introduction of democracy had been established through the USA or such organisations had been financially supported by the USA. While the New Government in Kyrgyzstan established is making every effort to secure and stabilise the country, the consequences of the revolutions in terms of regional balances are still being discussed. The potential developments in Kyrgyzstan was of great importance in view of the regional stabilisation. The civil revolution nearby China which had strategically important status and hosting US and Russian military bases would have fundamental consequences over regional balances. Therefore, the approaches of the regional powers such as Russian Federation, People's Republic of China and the USA against yellow revolution raised particular importance gradually. The success of Kyrgyz example was of great importance for the other Central Asian republics. On the other hand, the civil revolution in cludes scenarios which may have domino effect and such scenarios affect the attitude of the Turkic Republics against the revolution.<

Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, USA, NGO, The Yellow Revolution, Civil Revolution.

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